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Writer's Review is the one-stop source for aspiring writers, offering focused critiques and editing of novels, short stories, feature articles, nonfiction books and screenplays. Since 1986, Mike Foley has helped hundreds of writers improve their work and increase their chances at publication. In addition, he was co-founder of the Big Bear Writer's Retreat, a 15-year project that gave writers a chance to find peace and renewal in the mountains near Big Bear Lake, California.

Here's what writers are saying about Mike Foley:

I owe Mike Foley a great debt. Mike read my book and suggested some changes - especially in my P.O.V. - and it wasn't until I made those changes that I felt good about sending the book out. He was right, and I got an agent and a publisher as a result of his suggestions. My deepest thanks, Mike! I would not be published if it wasn't for you and Writer's Review.

Steve Rusty Johnson
author of Walk, Don't Run
Kallisti Publishing

Mike's sixty-page review of my historical romance Cry of the Bells was crucial to my willingness to continue the novel. I finished it at one of his Writers Write retreats at Big Bear. The book is due for release May 2005, in print and electronically by Awe-Struck.

Dee Ann Palmer
Redlands, CA

Mike Foley is the Horse Whisperer of writing instructors. His methods and techniques bring out the best in your writing without sacrificing your ego. If you wish is to expand your writing skills in a professional, yet relaxed environment, I highly recommend the writing services Mike has to offer.

M. MacHott
Moreno Valley, CA

Mike Foley is a great teacher and a great editor. He has helped me "tighten" my writing and improve my technique. Always constructive in his critiques, he knows when to give advice and when to suggest other approaches. He tells it like it is, but with tact.

E. Ferguson
Corona, CA

Mike Foley is a writing guru. He not only teaches the basics of getting your words down on paper, but he encourages his students to write from deep within their hearts and souls -- and they do! His critiques of my work assist me in producing the best stories possible. He knows just the right questions to ask, allowing the writer to end up with a completed piece so good, readers will beg for more. I utilized his critique services for a short story -- one that later was accepted and published in an anthology!

S. Kingsbury
Moreno Valley, CA

As a teacher, critique-class leader, editor, mentor and friend, Mike is second to none. How else could I have written two books in less than a year and a half! His continued support of all who write is valued beyond compare.

J. Martin
Big Bear City, CA

I have taken several classes with Mike, and used his critique services both on-line and in the classroom, and have come away from every lesson with greater skill and insight as a writer. He teaches useful and practical techniques that have tremendously strengthened my writing.

Palm Desert, CA

In his classes both on and off-line Mike Foley delivers a valuable service to writers. He manages to balance a positive, affirming attitude toward the writer with a close inspection of plot, character, and small details that make the work professional. For this reason many of us who have had a class with Mike Foley tend to return again.

G. Christensen Ontario, CA